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A Space Opera Adventure that Challenges the Genre

Reviewing Redshift by R.M. Olson

R.M. Olson book review sci-fi Canadian creators LGBT

2023-05-07 - David Redl

Redshift by R.M. Olson, book one of the Singularity series, is not your typical space opera; it's an intergalactic journey, brilliant to its core, that normalizes and celebrates the diversity of its cast.

At the heart of this story lies an odd assemblage of characters who defy the conventions of traditional space opera heroes. Aran, a brilliant scientist, grapples with debilitating anxiety while nursing a deep and unspoken love for his nonbinary best friend. Oh, and he also travels with a sapient killer octopus. Alba, a senior government minister, brings political prowess and – shall we say – questionable plans for peace to the mix. Savina, an assassin, is on the run, caring for her two siblings while confronting hard truths about the world she thought she knew. These characters are far from typical and are a breath of fresh air in the genre.

Redshift takes readers on an electrifying journey through the cosmos. It all starts with a mysterious rift in space, a tear in the fabric of the universe that hints at the presence of an advanced civilization on the other side. What's more, this rift offers a glimmer of hope – a potential cure for a fatal illness that has plagued the planet.

Political intrigue, murder attempts, sabotage, and mutiny are all on the agenda, making this a page-turner that's impossible to put down. Olson keeps the action well-paced, sprinkling just the right amount of humour into the narrative to keep it grounded. As the first story in the series, it sets up the later installments with its impressive worldbuilding and compelling mysteries. Fortunately for me and anybody else just coming to this book, the rest of the Singularity series is already available.

This story is more than just a thrilling space opera; it's a celebration of. It introduces readers to a diverse cast of characters, including nonbinary individuals seamlessly woven into the fabric of the story and people living with mental illness. The book's approach to LGBTQ relationships is a breath of fresh air, normalizing them and reflecting the experiences of real people.

Redshift by R.M. Olson is a space opera like no other. It's a tale of interstellar adventure, complex characters, and unapologetic representation. It invites readers on a journey to the stars that will challenge their expectations of its genre. I recommend this book to fans of space operas, those looking for a little more substance from their usual science-fiction fare, and anybody who is ready to become lost in their next favorite book series.


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