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As it turns out, I've been up to a lot more than just blogging. Check out some of my other creations below.

davidredl.ca (2021-2023)

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript .NET Core C#

This website was not built with any kind of content management system or web hosting software. I built everything from the ground up in .NET Core using the MVC design pattern. I've taken the project seriously and have made use of SOLID design principles. Specifically, the repositories of my data layer are abstracted through interfaces so I can swap out the data layer at any time without side effect. I use dependency injection to get the concrete implementations of the interfaces into my front-end controllers allowing me to mock up those repositories for unit testing purposes.

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Fishtank (2020-2023)


Fishtank is a bit of a nostalgia piece that reminds me of Windows 95/98 era screensavers. It was originally created in 2020 to display in the Massively Multiplayer Online Game, Dual Universe, in case any players wanted to make it seem like their ships or bases had a fishtank. In 2023 I added an additional fish, something I had been wanting to do since creating it. I drew the fish with SVG tags in a text editor, not an illustration program, and animated them with CSS3. The anemone, however, came from Pixabay user OpenClipart-Vectors and was modified and used in accordance with the content license of that site. It can be found here. I animated it myself.

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Slither (2022)

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript .NET Core C#

Slither is my own simple version of a popular snake game. In this version, you collect twenty food at each level before resetting. As levels increase, your starting size and speed increase. See if you can top the leaderboard!

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R-cade (2020)


My original versions of Slither and Brek-a-Brik were created within the Massively Multiplayer Online Game, Dual Universe. The creators of that game gave us players the opportunity to indulge our creativity through programming boards that would accept LUA programming and displays that supported HTML and SVG. Although I had never programmed in LUA before, I learned quickly and used these tools to create many things including the games I mentioned. Slither has since been ported to this very website so you can play it by following the link above. Who knows, maybe Brek-a-Brik will be up here someday, too.

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