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My family and I are blessed to live and work on Treaty 7 land in Alberta, Canada.

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Through the Eyes of a Great Canadian

A review of Canada by Mike Myers

Mike Myers book review memoir Canadian creators

2023-01-26 - David Redl

Mike Myers is a man who needs no introduction. He first graced the Saturday Night Live stage before the end of the 80s — which, I regularly must remind myself was quite a long time ago now. This opportunity catapulted him from stage performances at Toronto comedy clubs to much deserved international fame. This fame was further cemented by his starring roles in hit movie franchises like Wayne’s World, Austin Powers, and Shrek. While we Canadians have always been proud to claim him as one of our own, it has always been nice that the feeling is mutual as, in his own words, no description of him is complete without saying he is a Canadian.

Although I’m a latecomer to Mike Myers’s book, Canada, as it was published in 2016, I’m very glad that this particular book found me. The book is not quite a memoir and not quite a textbook but exists as the confluence of the identities of a brilliant man and the country he calls home. Myers presents a well researched account of Canadian history, culture, achievements, politics, and identity but all through the lens of his own experiences. This means the book presents not only facts but puts them in context so that the reader can understand their importance and the effect they had on Canadians. Of course, there are many personal stories as well which create an emotional rollercoaster through the successes, failures, new beginnings, losses, and quirky anecdotes.

Myers’s writing is engaging, humble, and kind, making him a great ambassador for Canada. The book is packed full of quotable passages that are inspiring, humorous, and insightful. Even though I am Canadian and am quite familiar with the institutions and events covered, there was still plenty to learn and having things articulated so well from another perspective was refreshing. Growing up, I watched Mike Myers’s movies a lot, so I also appreciated the window into the life of one of the great Canadians who helped shape my sense of humour. Canada is a worthy addition to any bookshelf regardless of your country of residence. Mike Myers proposes that Canada’s greatest legacy is being nice to our fellow people and it’s clear that he’s worked hard to be worthy of that legacy.


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